Justin Brady Podcast featuring George Foreman III - EverybodyFights
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Justin Brady Podcast featuring George Foreman III

Justin Brady Podcast featuring George Foreman III

April 18, 2019 | Christine Burroni
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Everyone, including you, should fight… or, at least that’s what George Foreman III, founder of EverybodyFights, thinks. It’s a real-life fight club and not only CAN we talk about it, but you can actually join his.

George Foreman Leads Class at EverybodyFights

Like his dad, Foreman got into boxing, but unlike his dad, he did it simply to get fit and get his brothers off his back. They were giving him a hard time, and he was quite overweight so he decided to train as a way to get fit. He ended up bypassing the amateur rings because no one wanted to fight him due to his dad’s reputation. Apparently, when other amateur boxers saw George Foreman III, they weren’t interested! Even though he started above his skill level, he started his professional boxing career in 2009, and went undefeated, finishing with a perfect 16-0 record.

EverybodyFights Story

In 2013, Foreman founded the luxury boxing fitness gym, EverybodyFights in Boston, quickly expanding to NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia and Lexington. He’s using what he learned from managing the business with his dad, two-time heavyweight world champion, and creating his own boxing / fight-club business.

His concept has five different components based on a real fighter’s training camp:

  • BAGS (heavy-bag classes)
  • TRAIN (circuit classes)
  • ROAD (treadmill classes
  • FIGHT (technique classes)
  • FLOW (recovery classes)

About George Foreman III

George Foreman III is an entrepreneur, boxing trainer and coach, and the son of a legendary businessman and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr. He’s managed his dad’s business for seven years.

Foreman spends a lot of time at the George Foreman Youth & Community Center. This is where he learned how important it is to give to your community. He also honed his ability to effectively use boxing as a platform to effect change within the community.

Foreman has a degree in kinesiology from Rice University. The Mindful Fighter, by George Foreman III will be released in 2019. Look for it here.

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