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FIIT verb [FIGHT] 1. Fight Intensity Interval Training.



The lifeblood of FIIT™ (Fight Intensity Interval Training). BOXFIIT 360™ is an introduction to our fitness journey that will push you mentally and physically. A true full-body workout for all ages and levels. BOXFIIT™ stations give back what you put in and allow you the [...]

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Fighters wear black #fwb #frilove #everybodyfights

#bodyfiit gets suspension. If you haven't tried bodyfiit 360 it's a must #boxfiit # #everybodyfights

#Celebrating a successful training camp @georgeforeman3 ・・・ Apparently @frilovecreations braiding job is just what @mkbrowneyes needed to win! #everybodyfights

The picture says it all #girlfight @georgeforeman3 ・・・ @katzyny1 is a our boxer. What a win!!! Boxed beautifully #everybodyfights

#whyifight Wednesday loving the photo shoot @differentlevelfitness @iamamichelle and love your why #forourlittleprincess

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