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The World’s Best Workout

Ready to Work? ESPN Ranks Boxing #1

Boxing is the toughest sport.

According to ESPN’s expert panel, BOXING is “the sport that demands the most from the athletes who compete in it. It’s harder than [...] any of the other 60 sports we rated.”

1. Boxing

2. Hockey

3. Football

Burn Baby Burn!

“During a boxing workout, the average person will burn
545-1500 calories per hour… and the best news is everyone can do it.”
- Source: Web MD Fit-O-Meter

Sweet Science: MGH Tested, Foreman Approved

Not only are we gym rats… We’re lab rats

Everything we teach is tested at Mass General Hospital Sports Performance Center for proper biomechanics to ensure that we have done our due diligence to understand the science of our workout.

Track Your Fitness With Lose It!

Workout, track, see the results

The club has teamed up with Lose It! to track all the calories burned during your workout. Why? Because they’re the best.

Lose It! Mobile App

Please Don’t Stop the Music….please?

Rhythm is everything in boxing. Our music is the key to enjoying an intense workout. All of our music is mixed by the BEST local DJs….stay tuned for live performances in The Club’s DJ booth.

Don’t bore us, get to the CORE! …Thanks Dad

“Chopping wood, pulling cars, digging holes, lifting logs…

All because my father wanted me to have a strong core.  If I could choose one athletic attribute for a fighter to have it would be a strong core.

This is the heart of boxing and that’s why it’s the heart of my workout. The workout is a little insane… but so are the results.”

- George Foreman III