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BOXFIIT By George™

FIIT verb [FIGHT] 1. Fight Intensity Interval Training.



The lifeblood of FIIT™ (Fight Intensity Interval Training). BOXFIIT 360™ is an introduction to our fitness journey that will push you mentally and physically. A true full-body workout for all ages and levels. BOXFIIT™ stations give back what you put in and allow you the [...]

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#30for30 in full effect whose coming with us @tarahatala
Where is everyone? #everybodyfights

We In Arizona flying high! @elnina27shark #swagalert #everybodyfights

Roadwork class in progress #roadwork #getafterit

Sometimes I forget the things I say... But I said this 3 months before we opened and really couldn't be more true to how I Feel #livingthedream #livelonger #fight #community

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