• Proper Attire

    BAGS, TRAIN, and MITTWORK all require boxing gloves and wraps. RECOVER, STRENGTH and YOGA do not. You can rent or buy them from our pro shop. You must wear apparel. This is strictly enforced. 

    Pro Tip: Boxing shoes are awesome, but any decent training shoes will do.

  • How do I book my PT Session?

    Purchase a private training package here and our head of PT will reach out to you within 24 hours.

    Pro Tip: While our class series is encompases a real boxer’s training camp, nothing beats the attention to detail you get from a one-on-one session.

  • How do I reserve my class?

    So many ways. You can use our online schedule, the Class Booking App, or see us at the front desk.

    Pro Tip: Members get an extended booking window to reserve classes before everyone else.

  • Do you have showers?

    Yes! Train like a boxer, live like a champion.

    Pro Tip: We have soap, shampoo and conditioner as well as valet bags for your sweaty swag.

  • What is your Membership cancellation policy?

    Our membership is month to month. Let us know before the 1st of the following month that you want to cancel, and we will apply your last month deposit. Cancellation is further subject to all specific state statutory requirements.

    Pro Tip: If you’re going away for a little while, you can always freeze your membership. This way you can avoid paying first and last month dues when you come back.

  • What is your freeze policy?

    As an Unlimited member, you may freeze for any reason up to 3 months per calendar year. Our freeze is complementary to you as a member.

    Pro Tip: There are always circumstances beyond your control. We’re human! Talk to us and we can work it out.

  • What classes actually involve boxing?

    BAGS, TRAIN or MITTWORK, boxing is involved. Our other classes, like ROAD and YOGA, don’t involve boxing, but they are inspired by the boxer’s training camp.

    Pro Tip: Even if you’re not throwing punches, you’re becoming a better boxer every time you show up. Boxer’s run, stretch, and recover like any top-tier athlete.

  • Do you clean the rental boxing gloves?

    Of course. While we may have the grit of a traditional boxing gym, we bring the luxury amenities of a top-tier studio.  We clean, sanitize, and dry all our gloves after every use.

    Pro Tip: Owning your own pair of gloves means you don’t have to share and it makes you look legit.

  • Gloves and Wraps Options?

    This is a boxing gym… yes. Our pro shop is stocked with options to rent or buy. 

    Pro Tip: Quick wraps can save you a lot of time before class, and are easy to use, store and wash.

  • Which classes require gloves and wraps?


    Pro Tip: If you play it safe and always bring your gloves and wraps, you’ll never miss them.

  • Is there a Waiver Policy?

    Yes. Click here. Or sign it at the front desk.

    Pro Tip: First rule of boxing: protect yourself at all times. 😉

  • How do I get off the Class Waitlist?

    The waitlist will automatically add you into class if someone who is in the class cancels or is removed. The waitlist prioritizes sign-ups based on the time they joined.

    Pro Tip: Make sure your notifications are checked “on” in your user profile or you will not receive notifications.

  • What is our Class Cancellation Policy?

    Members receive a $5 charge if you are “absent” or “late cancel” more than twice in a month. Class Pack and ClassPass users will lose the class forever. This policy ensures that we always have appropriate space for everyone. Basically, just show up and you’re good.

    • Late Cancel: You cancelled 2 hours or less prior to class start time.
    • Absent: You did not check in at the front desk.

    Pro Tip: We’re not animals. Call us, email us, or reach out on live chat. If there’s a reason you can’t make it, we’ll listen.

  • When are Classes available to Book Online?

    Classes can be booked 10 days in advance.

    Pro Tip: Members have an extended booking window. 

  • How early should I arrive before my class?

    How long does it take you to arrive, check in, change, store your belongings, get your gloves and wraps and find a spot in class? That’s how early.

    Pro Tip: We estimate at least 15 minutes before the class start time. If you show for a 6:30 class at 6:30, you’re not taking class.

  • Can I use the Gym After Class?

    We’re a gym, not a studio. Hang out and use the open gym.

    Pro Tip: Members can show up and use the gym at will. Not feeling like a class? Just use the treadmill and free weights. Maybe you’re detoxing? Sweat it out in the sauna. No judgement. 

  • What classes do you recommend for beginners?

    If you’re a newbie, TRAIN is a great crash course into our class series. You get boxing, cardio and strength all in one.

    Pro Tip: Let us know you’re new, and we will give you extra attention without singling you out.

  • Do I have to know how to box?

    Not at all. That’s why we’re here. Most of our first timers are brand new to boxing.

    Pro Tip:  “Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” – George Herbert

  • How is EverybodyFights different than your average boxing gym?

    EverybodyFights was designed to have everything you need under one roof. Boxer’s don’t just hit a heavy bag and spar. Boxer’s run, stretch, recover, lift, steam and eat and drink. You get that all at EverybodyFights

    Pro Tip: Injured? Select EverybodyFights locations also have partnerships with neighboring physical therapy studios.