• Do I have to know how to box?

    Absolutely not! At EverybodyFights® we teach fitness classes that mirror the art of training like a fighter. We don’t think that everybody boxes, but we know that EverybodyFights. Whether you are fighting to be a better boxer, healthier person, or you just want a fun workout and be part of a community, we’re here to support your fight.

  • How is EverybodyFights different than your average boxing gym?

    We offer 130 + classes a week in 12+ different varieties. Experience EBF BAGS, BODY, TRAIN, and ROAD for the ultimate fighter’s workout. You’ll get a combination of boxing, strength, endurance, conditioning, core, and flexibility training. We also offer self-defense classes, boxing technique classes, a fully functioning gym for your own workouts, sauna, steam room, and locker/towel service. There’s also a juice bar and recovery room.

  • Do I need boxing gloves or hand wraps?

    We have boxing gloves to purchase in our pro shop or to rent (charges depend on facility). We offer wraps free of charge or they are available to buy in the Pro Shop.

  • How many calories do I burn in the average EBF class?

    It all depends on how hard you work and what class you take! A TRAINx360 will lead to more calories burned than a BODYxCore class, but they’re both important in your overall training regimen. If you really want to know, we’ve seen that you can burn well over 700 calories in a TRAINx360 class which is 60 minutes long.

  • Do you have monthly memberships or just class packs?

    Both! We try to be very flexible to your lifestyle and schedule.

  • Can I just workout by myself or get personal training?

    Absolutely! We have qualified PT trainers and an open gym with cardio equipment and free weights for your own workouts.

  • Do you have childcare available while I workout?

    We do not! Got to call that babysitter to get your FIGHT on.

  • Do you have discounts?

    We offer military, first responder and corporate discounts.

  • How old do you have to be to be a member?

    You must be 18 years or older to be a member.

  • Can I host a fundraiser at EverybodyFights?

    We love when EverybodyFights members #FightItForward and give back to the community. We will offer our space, if available, to support charity fundraisers. If a space is not available, we will find other ways to support you and the charity with raffle prizes, donations and more.

  • Do you have home workouts?

    Absolutely! You can sign up to get all of our EBF workouts in the comfort of your own home here: Just download the FIGHTER APP on our downloads page everybodyfights.com/downloads

  • Are you hiring?

    If you want to teach the FIGHT, you must become certified. Get started here: Certifications.
    We’re always accepting applications for full and part time staff. For corporate jobs, partnership and affiliate inquiries, email us at info@everybodyfights.com.