• What is Fight School?

    Fight School is an online education and certification platform designed to prepare you to teach the EverybodyFights FIGHT Class Series.

  • What do I learn in Fight School?

    Fight School will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach boxing fitness and grow your career as a boxing fitness professional. Start with the EBF Trainer Certification, which will provide the foundation for additional Fight School certifications.

  • What is the EBF FIGHT Class Series?

    The EBF FIGHT Class Series is a comprehensive boxing fitness program by George Foreman III designed to provide participants with an authentic boxing fitness experience. While the FIGHT Class Series, comprised of BAGS, TRAIN, BODY, and ROAD, reflects a boxer’s full training regime, our program was developed to unleash EVERYONE’S inner fighter, regardless of fitness level or boxing experience.

  • How do I become an EBF Trainer?

    The first step is to sign up for the EBF Trainer Certification. Following an introductory Skype call, you’ll begin watching videos, practicing movements (“homework”), and uploading test videos of yourself performing and teaching what you learn. To graduate, earn a passing grade on all test video uploads or attend one of our Certification Events. At the Certification Event, you can complete in-person tests to accelerate or complete your certification. To teach at an EBF Facility, contact an EBF Head Trainer via your Trainer Portal.

  • What do I learn in the EBF Trainer Certification course?

    The EBF Trainer Certification covers the fundamental elements of boxing fitness, including boxing footwork, offense, defense, and combinations, as well as basic strength and conditioning exercises. The EBF Trainer Certification includes:

    • FIGHT Class Series Fundamentals (Boxing, Exercises, Tools and Resources)
    • Your choice of a Class Certification (Train, Bags, Road or Body)

    The EBF Trainer Certification prepares you to teach the FIGHT at any EverybodyFights facility.

  • What do I get with the EBF Trainer Certification?

    In addition to the online education, you’ll receive:

    • Access to the EBF Trainer APP
    • Access to the EBF Trainer Dashboard, which includes:
      • Your customizable Trainer Profile published on the EverybodyFights Online Directory
      • 100+ Pre-Designed Workouts
      • 200+ Drills, Movements and Tutorials
      • Exclusive EBF Playlists
      • George’s Boxing Handbook and Trainer Tips
    • An Official Certificate of Completion upon graduation
    • Continuing Education Credit (NASM, AFAA and ACE)
  • If I have other fitness certifications, can I earn Continuing Education Credits in Fight School?

    Yes! The EBF Trainer Certification is recognized by NASM, AFAA and ACE. Earn the following CEUs for completing your certification:

    • NASM: 0.7 CEUs
    • AFAA: 7 CEUs
    • ACE: 1.2 CECs
  • Do I have to attend a Certification Event to complete my EBF Trainer Certification?

    Nope! Our quarterly Certification Events are recommended, but optional. They are an opportunity for you to complete tests in person to accelerate or complete the certification process. Certification Events are complimentary for Fight School students. To view upcoming events, please click here.

  • What will I learn at a Certification Event?

    Certification Events will focus on teaching – you’ll learn how to teach our FIGHT Class and get experience leading a group. Certification Events are also an opportunity to complete tests in person, rather than via video uploads. Note! You must still watch the educational videos in your online Trainer Classroom to learn the movements on which you’ll be tested. We recommend completing as much of the learning online as possible before attending the event.

  • What happens after I complete my Certification?

    You are ready to begin teaching boxing fitness anywhere! If you want to teach the EBF FIGHT Class series, you can contact an EBF Head Trainer via your Trainer Portal to inquire about trainer positions.

  • Who should get EBF Certified?

    Fitness professionals and enthusiasts with a desire to learn the art of boxing and empower individuals to discover their inner fighter.

  • Is there a demand for EBF Trainers?

    EverybodyFights is currently growing, with plans to expand and franchise globally. As such, the demand for EBF Trainers will continue to grow. The EBF Trainer Certification is your license to teach the FIGHT at any EverybodyFights location. Note! Because the EBF Trainer Certification is a specialty certificate, some EBF facilities (i.e. EBF BOX) may require a general group exercise certificate to teach at their facility. Be sure to inquire about the requirements to teach at a specific location.

  • Is there Continuing Education available?

    Fight School continuing education includes Class Series Certifications and Specialty Certifications.

    Class Certifications Specialty Certifications
    • Bags
    • Train
    • Road
    • Body
    • Mittwork Basics
    • Mittwork Specialist
    • Advanced Boxing
    • Advanced Strength
    • Personal Training
    • Fightology
    • Fight Fuel
  • Do I receive anything for completing Fight School Continuing Education?

    Bars are used to depict level of education and experience and are located on your online Trainer Profile. EBF Trainers can also become EBF Master Trainers by completing all four Class Certifications. Master Trainers will receive a unique badge on their profile.

  • Does my EBF Trainer Certification expire?

    The EBF Trainer Certification is valid for one year. To renew your certification, you must complete one Fight School Continuing Education Course per year ($199).

    EBF-certified trainers can purchase an Active Trainer License ($99/year), which includes the required Continuing Education course, as well as  access to the EBF Trainer APP and recognition as an EBF Trainer through placement of a custom profile on the EBF Global Directory.

  • I already teach and/or personal train at a gym. Will I be able to teach the EBF FIGHT classes there if I become certified?

    You may incorporate everything you learn about boxing fitness into your current classes or training sessions; however, your gym may not list the FIGHT Class Series (BAGS, TRAIN, BODY or ROAD) on their schedule unless they become an EBF Franchise Partner. Learn more about EBF Franchise here.

  • Are there opportunities to learn in person, or is everything online?

    In addition to the quarterly EBF Trainer Certification Events, which focus on teaching the FIGHT Class Series, we host Specialty Certification Events, which correspond to the Fight School Continuing Education courses (“Specialty Certifications”). All events are complimentary to Fight School students, but to earn the Specialty Certification credential, you must enroll in the Specialty Certification course online. A schedule of Certification Events can be found here.

  • I have additional questions. Who should I contact?

    We’re here to help! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at fightschool@everybodyfights.com.


  • Do I have to know how to box?

    Absolutely not! At EverybodyFights® we teach fitness classes that mirror the art of training like a fighter. We don’t think that everybody boxes, but we know that EverybodyFights. Whether you are fighting to be a better boxer, healthier person, or you just want a fun workout and be part of a community, we’re here to support your fight.

  • How is EverybodyFights different than your average boxing gym?

    We offer 130 + classes a week in 12+ different varieties. Experience EBF BAGS, BODY, TRAIN, and ROAD for the ultimate fighter’s workout. You’ll get a combination of boxing, strength, endurance, conditioning, core, and flexibility training. We also offer self-defense classes, boxing technique classes, a fully functioning gym for your own workouts, sauna, steam room, and locker/towel service. There’s also a juice bar and recovery room.

  • Do I need boxing gloves or hand wraps?

    We have boxing gloves to purchase in our pro shop or to rent (charges depend on facility). We offer wraps free of charge or they are available to buy in the Pro Shop.

  • How many calories do I burn in the average EBF class?

    It all depends on how hard you work and what class you take! A TRAINx360 will lead to more calories burned than a BODYxCore class, but they’re both important in your overall training regimen. If you really want to know, we’ve seen that you can burn well over 700 calories in a TRAINx360 class which is 60 minutes long.

  • Do you have monthly memberships or just class packs?

    Both! We try to be very flexible to your lifestyle and schedule.

  • Can I just workout by myself or get personal training?

    Absolutely! We have qualified PT trainers and an open gym with cardio equipment and free weights for your own workouts.

  • Do you have childcare available while I workout?

    We do not! Got to call that babysitter to get your FIGHT on.

  • Do you have discounts?

    We offer military, first responder and corporate discounts.

  • How old do you have to be to be a member?

    You must be 18 years or older to be a member.

  • Can I host a fundraiser at EverybodyFights?

    We love when EverybodyFights members #FightItForward and give back to the community. We will offer our space, if available, to support charity fundraisers. If a space is not available, we will find other ways to support you and the charity with raffle prizes, donations and more.

  • Do you have home workouts?

    Absolutely! You can sign up to get all of our EBF workouts in the comfort of your own home here: Just download the FIGHTER APP on our downloads page everybodyfights.com/downloads

  • Are you hiring?

    If you want to teach the FIGHT, you must become certified. Get started here: Certifications.
    We’re always accepting applications for full and part time staff. For corporate jobs, partnership and affiliate inquiries, email us at info@everybodyfights.com.