Xfit Brands, Inc. Launches with Everybodyfights

Xfit Brands, Inc. Launches with Everybodyfights
June 22, 2016 EverybodyFights

Xfit Brands

This article originally appeared on ACCESSWIRE on June 16, 2016

XFit Brands, Inc. (XFTB), a global supplier of fitness and MMA equipment sold at retail and fitness outlets worldwide, whose brands include Throwdown®, and Transformations™, today announced that it has launched its latest innovation, the patent pending Perfect Placement Trolley, which is debuting with George Foreman III’s EverybodyFights® III’s Studio Box. The Studio Box is the first immersive boxing fitness studio that drops into any Big Box Gym Facility. The Studio comes with branded equipment, live workouts via BOXFIIT Trainer APP, custom music playlists, and business support, including but limited to marketing, and trainer certifications.

XFit Brands® latest innovation is an industry first that allows health clubs to optimize space utilization in their outlets by employing heavy bags workout regimens for one fitness segment, and to seamlessly and effortlessly shift all the heavy bags and equipment to the side to utilize the space into multifunctional purposes. The XFit Brands® patent pending system is called The Perfect Placement Trolley and was engineered to fill a health club industry operator’s void to have the most versatile training options for their members while being hyper efficient in limited space settings.


George Foreman III (founder) of EverybodyFights commented, “XFIT Brands provided us with a safe and durable equipment product that we can scale our business. XFit’s Throwdown® trolley system is special because it provides a solution to the need of creating a dynamic boxing fitness space that can be used for many fitness uses. We are looking forward to expanding the relationship as we grow our Box business nationwide.”

XFit Brands, Inc., Throwdown® Perfect Placement Trolley features a duel strap system the engages and releases the brake on the Throwdown I-Beam systems. With a simple pull of the strap, the brake is released or secured. The trolley enables the operators to adjust the distance between bags or simply repurpose the space for other functional fitness uses. The Perfect Placement trolley transforms a bag room into a suspension training studio, grappling area or other functional training space. The Throwdown® Perfect Placement Trolley system can be used on several of Throwdown’s vast portfolio of functional fitness equipment including the Elite Free Standing Bag Rack and Cantilever Bag rack systems which are currently deployed in leading gyms and fitness outlets worldwide.

Dave Vautrin, CEO of XFit Brands, “XFit Brands and Throwdown have always had a reputation for innovation, quality, and safety. This latest Perfect Placement Trolley system is just another innovation in a series of industry leading products the Company has delivered as it responds to the evolving trends toward functional fitness and away from traditional stationary cardio equipment and weight machines. We are excited to work with the team at EverybodyFights. Their incredible facility and impressive leadership team, coupled with the credibility of the Foreman name and heritage is best in class.”

About XFit Brands®

XFit Brands, Inc. known for it’s experiential fitness products, is one of the leading suppliers of functional fitness brands, products, and equipment sold at retail and fitness outlets worldwide. The company provides a full portfolio of products and services spanning MMA, cross training, and other high and low impact fitness regimes and owns the trademarks Throwdown® for its for its functional fitness line, MMA portfolio, and Transformations® in programming. The company’s portfolio of brands and products are sold in many countries around the world and supply many of the leading Health Club and Fitness outlets throughout the United States. The Company’s websites are www.xfitbrands.com and www.throwdown.com.