February 7, 2018 EverybodyFights



WHYIFIGHT OWYN – What’s your name and where are you from?

Kathryn Moos – Wayzata, MN

Why are you passionate about health and fitness?

Nutrition and fitness have been the focus of my entire life. I’m a lifelong athlete, having competed in a number sports and run multiple marathons. My experience as a collegiate and professional athlete helped me understand that nutrition has the power to change your life and fueled me to compete at the highest levels.

What makes you a fighter?

A burning desire to be better and do better. Sports have been central to my life since I started walking. I grew up playing ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and track. Inherent for success in sports is constantly working to improve and fighting every day to be better than yesterday. That comes from within. Nobody can do it for you.

Who inspires you to fight?

Myself. I have an internal drive to compete, to achieve, to win. I realize and appreciate every single day that I have been given this one body and this one life. And I’m determined to do the most with it. I have always been self-motivated, and my biggest inspiration has come from the pursuit of perfection. I’m never satisfied, I’m a fighter.

Tell us about OWYN and how it came to be?

OWYN was inspired by the cultural movement to simplify life to the things that matter most. We believe this so strongly that’s what our brand name OWYN stands for, Only What You Need; it embodies our philosophy of utilizing the good and slashing out the bad.

For our products, this philosophy is very simple, include nutritious, plant-based ingredients, and leave out the harmful animal products and allergens. The result is pure, amazing tasting products, that make you feel good, and look great.

OWYN was built on the collection of Jeff Mroz, my co-founder’s (and husband) and my experiences and knowledge accumulated as former professional athletes turned fitness enthusiasts. We have come to understand elite nutrition; we learned what the body needs to perform at the highest levels as well as what it takes to simply look and feel good every day.

Learn more: liveowyn.com and follow us @liveowyn

Why is OWYN good fuel for fighters?

OWYN is 100% plant-based, which means it is easier to digest and causes less inflammation than animal-based products. This results in more energy and less soreness after workouts. OWYN is packed with 20g non-dairy protein and 500+ omega 3’s which are essential to help the body recover after exercise.

WHYIFIGHT OWYN – What’s your favorite flavor?

No one likes picking favorites (except for my mom – jk, kind of!). But if I HAD to choose, Dark Chocolate is my go to. It’s so smooth and satisfying, not too sweet for the morning but indulgent enough for the afternoon and evening craving.