January 22, 2015 EBF


Fight Mantra: I Fight because that is what I DO

Fight Law: “Great Fighters Listen to their Corner.” – George

MEMBER OF THE YEAR. Ok we are biased this man is a true light in our day and well yes he did also tattoo our ethos on his arm. Its people like Daniel that make going to work fun and let us know that the Everybodyfights message is simple: Fight for anything and everything that matters to you! Daniel we salute you! Read below to hear Daniel’s #WHYIFIGHT


Daniel Jason Zapata, 37

Cuisine Chef

Fighter & Lover


WHYIFIGHT Zapata – When asked “Why do you fight?” Daniel Jason Zapata, Cuisine Chef and father of three chuckles and responds as a matter-of-factly “That’s what I do!”

Being challenged with anxiety attacks and other health issues Daniel fought to stay healthy. “I didn’t feel like I was winning. That is until I met Edwin, George, and the others at The Club.”

The words “EVERY BODY FIGHTS” spoke to me because all of my life I have been on the “ropes”, especially around the time when The Club first opened its doors in January of 2014. I was in a troubled marriage with my three daughters caught in the middle.  I love my daughters and they are my world. I AM a great father and I Fight to shower them with my unconditional love.



Boxing and training with Edwin at The Club gave me confidence to catch my breath for the first time in my life.  My first lesson was learning to breath.  Edwin would Coach me to “ smell the flower and blow the bubbles” throughout the day. It works!!

“Edwin, George, and everybody here are so cool. Getting these words tattooed on my body is the least I could do. I AM super grateful for these guys. I AM lucky. I AM humbled by how they have treated me and brought me into their home. They are my family.”

I fight to be a better version of myself for my three daughters, Adriana, Cynthia, and Eva. It is for these beautiful girls that I do everything for they are the loves of my life. Girls, I love you! To Share your #WHYIFIGHT Click Here and Tell us your story and inspire others.