February 10, 2015 EBF

WHYIFIGHT Dominique Harris

Fight Law: Pay It Forward

Dominique’s was given little time by her doctors. Dominique took the diagnosis head on and decided it was her Fight to lose. Described by most as a ‘ray of sunshine’ and the ‘peace maker’ in her family she knew this disease was going to require her to throw the first punch. Dominique fights through the pain with help from her community and family. Lets help Dominique raise her spirits today and tomorrow by paying it forward (link below) and showing her some love but more the inspiration that together we can Fight anything. If you can’t donate a nice note would be just as great!



More about Dominique’s story:

Dominique Renee Harris is my 26 year old daughter that was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2009.  She has had chemo and radiation but to no great outcome.  she has had a stem cell transplant and a Bone Marrow transplant in hopes of curing her cancer.  In March 2014 her cancer returned and it was more agressive than ever.  It has reduced her to a shell of the person we knew her to be.
For the past five years Dominique has spent her days at Northside hospital Infusion clinic and the BMT floor when  her health was so bad that she was not able to live at home.  In November of 2014 she was admitted to the BMT ward at Northside hospital and it was then she was told that the treatment is no longer going to cure her because of the agressive nature of her disease.  She was given six months to live.  Her treatment is now for her pain but she no longer does chemo or radiation because it only impairs the quality of life she has.  Our desire is to improve the quality of life she has left by improving and rebuilding her immune system.

The Living Foods Institute is giving Dominique the opportunity to be treated and be healed from her disease.  It is offering a program that has help many individuals in combating this terrible disease.  The cost to treat and heal her is much more than we can afford but her life is worth so much more.   We need your help and would be so grateful for any amount of donation you can provide.


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