January 30, 2015 EBF



Fight Law 8:  “When the competition is hurt or has been knocked down, great fighters do not give them the chance to recover.”

WHYIFIGHT Colleen – This story hits home for us – especially after our recent release of The Fighting Spirit: The Art of Winning your Fight where we tell the captivating story of Mary Mcalary and her battle with MS. We have learned so much about the disease and the fight to do the everyday things we all take for granted. Mary’s story changed our lives forever and the 2 year process of writing this book made us better in every way. Colleen was kind enough to share her story with us and it brought us right back to the first day we started writing with Mary.

Colleen’s Fight Story: (In her words)

I am fighting MS on a daily basis. The diagnosis 3 years ago destroyed my confidence and created fear of the unknown. I am winning my fight by training for my 3rd Boston marathon and working out which are slowly reinstating my confidence and by tackling fear head on by focusing solely on the present. It took a while to find my way back to myself and I still work toward it daily. There is the natural instinct to compare what was and what is. Anxiety and panic made me question a 2 mile run, so signing up for a marathon seemed crazy to most. The tough runs, and there were many, made me want it more. The goal of completing a marathon, despite the pace, only made me more focused to win my battle. Finding the finish line became my battle against MS and I fought it 1 long run at a time. Every doubt I conquered became a step toward making it to the ultimate finish. The battles of day to day life seemed to slip away as I ran. I used to always be focused on pace and I slowly learned to switch gears and look at the big picture. I recently reintroduced boxing workouts back to my routine. Picturing my fears on the heavy bag gives a feeling of control that is hard to explain.

The Power of Story Telling:

First and foremost thank you Colleen for sharing your story. We have realized over the past few years how tough it is for our Fighters to share their most personal FIGHTS. Telling your story is empowering personally but the ability to pay it forward and teach others how to Fight can be extremely rewarding. Colleen confided that she had been uncomfortable sharing her story early in her Fight. But her ability to Fight, build her confidence in the form of health, fitness, training and running has given her the strength to share, empower, motivate and pay it forward to others.

WHYIFIGHT Colleen – Colleen what you have accomplished is an amazing feet and will be an inspiration to everyone we are able to share your story with.  Of all the folks who’ve reached out, you are the first one with MS who has shared their journey with us which is a big deal for our team since this is the foundation of Mary’s story and our first book.  Thank you for sharing this extremely personal journey. As a member of The Club we look forward to providing the fitness tools and facility needed to give you the power and tools to help in your Fight. We salute you Colleen and welcome to our family of Everyday Fighters!

“Fight for others…but don’t forget to fight for yourself!” – Matt Butler’s WHYIFIGHT Story