The Sweat Concierge

The Sweat Concierge
June 8, 2016 EverybodyFights

The Sweat Concierge Review

Sweat Concierge

Let’s be honest… Everybody Fights The Club by George Foreman III (EBF) looks like someone took the roof off of a sceney Southie watering hole (you know the one) and dumped its contents into a boxing gym. The interior is trendy and the people are sexy. Even at 6 in the morning, our TRAIN+CARDIO class was bumpin’. Usually, we can’t get it up (our heart rates, that is) at gyms with this much sex appeal. But EBF is the real deal. Can we be honest again? This workout is bootcamp around a boxing ring… it’s not groundbreaking, but it is HARD! We left class in a puddle and will definitely be back for more.


TRAIN+CARDIO is 10-12 rounds of stations where you work for 1 minute, rest for 10 seconds, work for another minute, and then move on. Round 2 is the same stations but you work straight for 1 minute (we said it wasn’t groundbreaking). Stations include rowing, biking, mountain climbers, kettlebells, lunges, shadow boxing (awkward), and some 1 legged plyo thingies (again, awkward). After we finished with round 2, we were put through an additional mini-sesh of squat jumps, push-ups, and squat holds… it BUUUURNS!

David is really working that coach-you-had-in-high-school-who-you-think-is-mean-but-then-you-graduate-and-realize-that-he-actually-made-you-a-better-athlete-and-person-and-secretly-cared-about-you vibe. He was tough and called us out when we slacked off but was also surprisingly hands on for someone teaching a class of fifty or so. We do not envy the instructors who need to lead these gigantic classes in this huge space, but David made it work. He corrected form and pushed the class, though we did feel that the vibe toed the negativity line. We were cool with it, but some of you will be turned off.

Get your selfie sticks out! We said the place is trendy. It’s SO trendy in fact that Shape Magazine just named EBF one of “The Most Instagrammable Fitness Studios In the US.” It’s an old brick and beam building in Fort Point and they have done a great job of keeping that old factory vibe while still providing first class amenities. We climbed the industrial grated staircase to get to the locker rooms and were pleasantly surprised to find vessel sinks, clean showers, a steam room, and a sauna.

10 for 10 – Club Solutions Magazine Cover Story