Pay it Forward. Fight For Love.

Pay it Forward. Fight For Love.
December 10, 2014 EBF

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Fight Mantra: Fight to Pay it Forward.

Fight Law: “Fight for Love. Pay it Forward” – George

Pay it Forward -Pat came to me on a mission to break his record of past fundraising this Holiday Season. I could not be more proud to announce that Pat and his BoxFIIT Fundraiser have raised over $5300 for Children’s Hospital and specifically for families this holiday season. All of this money will be donated directly to Children’s Hospital to help families in need this holiday season. Pat is a true testament that accomplishing something is as simple as taking action. We salute you and The Club team that donated their time for this great cause.

Here are some more pictures from the Fundraising Event… Shout out to Matt Robert Gallery for the great pictures! Pay it Forward


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