NBC Boston: “EverybodyFights: Learning to Box With George Foreman III”

NBC Boston: “EverybodyFights: Learning to Box With George Foreman III”
January 24, 2017 EverybodyFights

NBC Boston: EverybodyFights: Learning to Box With George Foreman III

NBC Boston

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George Foreman’s son, George Foreman III, will soon open his second Boston gym in the Financial District. His first in the Seaport District is a huge success, entertainment reporter Jackie Bruno got a first hand look at how this gym functions.

Foreman’s father is a two-time world heavyweight champion. He also taught his son, everything he knows.

“My father is about more than throwing punches,” Foreman said. “He’s about strengthening every part of your body, to not only throw punches but to receive punches, too.”

He said the concept of his gym is based on his father’s training. He says “everybody can do this,” which is why his gyms are called “Everybody Fights.”

To put that to the test, he put Jackie Bruno through a workout.

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