Men’s Journal: Top 10 Best Workout Classes for Men

Men’s Journal: Top 10 Best Workout Classes for Men
April 9, 2018 EverybodyFights


This article was originally published on Men’s Journal and written by Brittany Smith

Top 10 Best Workout Classes for Men

EverybodyFights: TRAINx360

What’s Trainx360 and why’s it challenging?

“Our Class Series is focused on building the strength, explosiveness, and muscular endurance required for a 12-round fight; Trainx360, specifically, is an interval-based circuit class incorporating strength, cardio, and boxing components,” says George Foreman III, professional boxer, trainer, and founder of EverybodyFights. Stations may include rowing, cycling, suspension (TRX), free weights (kettlebells and dumbbells), battle ropes, and turf exercises.

What are the benefits?

“This is a great addition to any fitness regimen because it’s a high-intensity interval training workout, which has a wide array of benefits, including improved cardiovascular endurance and calorie burn,” Foreman says. “It also incorporates boxing, which is exciting and new for many people, so it keeps participants interested in coming back to improve their skills.”

How often should guys attend? 

It depends on your goals, but Foreman recommends creating a well-balanced regimen by incorporating some of the other classes, like Bags (boxing), Train (strength and conditioning circuits), Road (endurance), Fight (technique), and Flow (recovery) for a total of three to four days per week. 

Who should take the class?

Because Trainx360 is a mix of strength and cardio, it’s ideal for people looking to boost their overall fitness, drop weight, and/or build muscle. “The programming changes weekly (legs, core, full-body) and advanced participants can modify the weights they choose to take the workout from being cardio-based to strength-focused,” Foreman says. “Someone looking to learn boxing technique would do best in our Fight series classes, but Trainx360 welcome beginners, and trainers will guide you through unfamiliar movements.”

What can guys expect?

Classes are capped with a team challenge at the end, the programming changes weekly for the optimal training camp, and the music is cranked up. Sometimes there’s even a live DJ.


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