Kraft vs. Foreman! –

Kraft vs. Foreman! –
February 21, 2015 EBF

Kraft vs. Foreman! –



When I started my mission to bring Boxing Fitness to the masses – I knew I wanted to bring my dad’s mission at his Youth Center with me, too.  To make a difference, my dad always instilled in us to never forget where you came from and always be realistic with your resources.  With these two goals in mind, I wanted to make a impact with one group – one community – but a tangible one.  When I met Josh Kraft and felt his passion for the Boys and Girls Club programs, I knew this was the right fit.  I’m so excited about what we have accomplished already with Boys and Girls Clubs – both bringing boxing fitness into their facilities and bringing the kids into our facilities. Teaching boxing fitness means so much to me because of what it can mean to the development of young men and women and their futures.  This article is proof of how much fun this entire process can be.  Thanks Josh and the Boys and Girls Club for believing in me and opportunity to shape the futures of young men and women.  And thanks Sacha for the great picture -that’s a framer!

The Globe article:

Foreman v. Kraft? Place your bets now

The several hundred people who attended last week’s annual dinner of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston were obviously puzzled by why each place setting, along with a kale salad and a Statler chicken breast, included a resistance band — the kind that’s now a fitness trend. The purpose became clear when George Foreman III – he’s one of the sons of boxing legend George Foreman – got on stage and asked everyone in the room to stand up with a band in hand.

He then gave the chuckling audience a mini calisthenics lesson, which was a comical sight: corporate types in business attire doing dead lifts, chest presses, and glute squeezes, while Foreman described the health risks of sitting at a desk all day.
Foreman was there because he owns a gym in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood that has a wellness partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs. The program lets some club kids use the gym free on weekends and gives free training to club trainers.

After wrapping up the group workout, Foreman issued a challenge: He invited Boys & Girls Clubs chief executive Josh Kraft, the son of New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft, to three rounds in the boxing ring with him.

“He’s always trash-talking me,” Foreman explained later, adding that Kraft “reminds me of Muhammad Ali, the Louisville Lip,” a nickname Ali got because he often taunted his opponents. “So I called him out on it!”

An amused Kraft later confirmed the allegation. “I always tell George his program is weak, it’s soft, I could do it in my sleep,” he said, “so that’s what led to this.”

As for who would be the victor in the proposed matchup, each man has a different verdict.

“I hold no illusions: I’d probably last one punch from George and then it would be pretty much over,” Kraft said. “He could probably punch me in the foot and it would be over. Actually, I’d probably just sprint around the rink, but my guess is he’s quicker than me, too.”

“He’d beat me,” Foreman countered. “Knowing Josh, he’d come up with some sneaky trick. Maybe he’d bring a bat and pepper spray. He’s clever — you never know.”

There’s no competition date yet, but stay tuned. — SACHA PFEIFFER

Light Heavyweight World Boxing Champion Andre Ward is partnering with George Foreman III to take the award-winning EverybodyFights® boxing gym global