INTERVIEW – 6-Pack of Questions with George Foreman III

INTERVIEW – 6-Pack of Questions with George Foreman III
September 12, 2014 EBF


INTERVIEW – When it comes to opening a fitness facility in Boston, you must possess two qualities: A passion for your practice and determination to make it incredible.

Well, George Foreman III, owner of The Club by George Foreman III, has developed a space that encompasses both.

Located in Fort Point on the edge of Southie, this multi-dimentional gym offers more than just a few treadmills and dumbbells. With state-of-the-art equipment, trainers and classes, Foreman has built an unforgettable facility that challenges its members to take their workouts to the next level.

And as their slogan states, in this gym — regardless of your reasoning or healthy living objective — everybody fights!

INTERVIEW – Caroline Earle: As a professional athlete and owner of The Club, your days are jam packed. What are some ways that you make your health a priority?

George Foreman III: Being healthy and more importantly being FIIT (yes I spell it with an extra ‘I’) is a way of thinking, walking, talking, and being. I take my FIIT routine to the office, to dinner and to the bathroom.

It’s my swagger.

INTERVIEW – I eat healthy because I want to feel good, because I want my clothes to feel right and because I want to maintain a healthy swagger. When it comes to working out, I try to keep it fun which is why I love my job because it is all about being physical and trying to make others enjoy their workout.

The most important thing is to change your perspective on what health means to you. It’s about feeling good, sleeping well, being happy, and having fun. Take it seriously though because it can change your whole life: Family, social and work included.

This is what we teach at my gym and hope to do in a national way soon.

Interview – CE: Besides sweating it out in the ring, what other types of fitness do you enjoy?

GF: FUN. FUN. FUN. MUSIC. Anything fun, social, with music.

I love fitness that is inspirational and makes you walk out of the gym and feel ‘lifted.’ I always try to teach by having fun and making my members accountable by asking them to share small health and fitness victories they accomplish everyday like making a healthy choice for breakfast.

But in general, anything that uses natural body weight and helps me work up a sweat and a smile is what I enjoy when I’m not boxing, especially when it involves other people.

CE: Are there any fitness fads we would never catch you attempting?

GF: I love this question.

Yes, you will not see me on one of those poles [laughs], but if I could dance I’d be doing Zumba. But I really feel that anything that promotes health and well-being is cool with me even if it’s not for me.

INTERVIEW – But specifically I have seen some funky stuff coming out lately, and I am not against anything new,but fitness workouts that are not good for your body … that’s when I get upset.

Some trainers have people who have never performed a proper body weight squat, walking up to a rack and deadlifting without any real guidance … scary stuff.

I advise everyone to ask themselves how whatever they are doing applies to real life and seriously evaluate it before they do it. Trainers should do their best to not ask people to use their body in ways it was not designed to be used.

CE: If you were not in the fitness field, what kind of profession would you be interested in?

GF: Psychology/therapy. I think the brain and heart are where most of us hurt the most. Fitness and eating right helps a lot, but I think the best medication for anyone is a good friend and someone to talk to and be 100 percent honest with.

CE: As BostInno recently experienced, workouts at The Club are no joke. What is your favorite way to recover and refuel post exercise?

GF: A Green Goddess Juice fromNourish the Soul, Rice Bowl Salad from Sweetgreen (sub cranberries for grapes), and an episode of Game of Thrones.

CE: Looking forward, what’s up next for The Club?

GF: Wow — We are excited for what’s next! First and foremost Boston has set us up on the right foot. The people here in Southie and Seaport rock. Man, they gave us a shot and have really embraced us … and it really feels good.

It’s what pushes me to get this out to the masses.

What’s next? We want to create a full fitness curriculum for fitness and nutrition in gyms and at home. We hope to roll out this plan in 2015 … with one commonality: EVERYBODY FIGHTS.

Be sure to follow George and The Club on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. BostInno will be hosting our inaugural health and fitness event at The Club. Tickets are still available, so be sure to purchase yours today!

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