By George! Same moniker no sweat for Foreman sons – George Foreman

By George! Same moniker no sweat for Foreman sons – George Foreman
June 29, 2017 EverybodyFights

By George! Same moniker no sweat for Foreman sons (George Foreman)


This article was originally published on Boston Herald on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.  (George Foreman)

George Foreman — who’s known for boxing and his “lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine” — passed along his first name to all of his sons to bring them together. You’d think that would make for lots of confusion at the dinner table. But by George, you’d be wrong, according to the ex-champ’s Boston entrepreneur son, George Foreman III.

“You know, it’s actually not confusing,” George III told the Track of his family’s affinity for the name “George.”

“Growing up in a household with nothing but Georges, we all had nicknames,” he continued. “You’re probably 5 or 6 years old before you realize your real name is George — when you go to school.”

While G3 personally goes by “Monk,” short for Monkey, his brother George IV is “Big Wheel,” George V is “Red” and George VI is “Little Joey.” And George Jr. lucked out, going simply as that.

“Monkey is my father’s nickname, given to him by his brothers and sisters, and then he gave it to me,” G3 said, “but my aunt said we can’t have two ‘Monkeys’ so it just became ‘Monk’ for short.”

Outside of the Foreman family, nicknames don’t save them from causing a boatload of mix-ups.

“When you go to school to visit your brothers,” Foreman said, “if you’re in school at the same time, at the airport, when someone yells, ‘George,’ we all turn around. That actually does happen.”

As adulting has ensued, G3 and his siblings always face new challenges with their identical names. Foreman said they’ve managed to mess up one another’s credit scores. And whenever a baby Foreman boy is on the way, the group has to consult with one another to see which number George they’re up to.

Whether the Hub’s own Foreman himself will continue the naming tradition remains to be seen. He joked that he first and foremost needs to find a wife — and then he can assess whether she’s game for giving birth to more Georges.

Monk has had other priorities on his plate at the moment: His gym, EverybodyFights, started off as a Seaport establishment and has since spread to the Financial District last winter. Next up: The team is actively searching for another spot in either Somerville or Back Bay.

“The goal is more gyms, more places, but we have to grow slow and do it the right way,” he said.

“The focus is to open one more gym in Boston. … We open in New York City July 15 at the corner of Madison and 31st, and we’d like to open two more locations in and around Manhattan. And then, on the horizon, maybe West Coast.”