George Foreman III to bring experience Nationwide with Affiliate Program

George Foreman III to bring experience Nationwide with Affiliate Program
July 12, 2016 EverybodyFights

George Foreman III to bring EverybodyFights experience Nationwide with Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Boston, MA: EverybodyFights, a boxing fitness company headquartered out of Boston, MA and co-founded by George Foreman III, announced today that they have launched their first BOXFIIT Affiliate partnership with Iron Grip Gym. This is the company’s first affiliate partnership as part of their larger plan to take the BOXFIIT™ experience nationwide.

As part of the Affiliate program, Iron Grip Gym will now feature their own BOXFIIT Certified Instructors that will be able to teach BOXFIIT patented classes, such as TRAIN360 and BAGS+BODY. Iron Grip Gym will be listed as a certified location on and receive exclusive BOXFIIT branding for both their digital and brick-and-mortar experiences.

“We believe that boxing is for everybody,” said George Foreman III, founder of EBF. “The BOXFIIT Affiliate Program provides the trainer education, workouts and music to deliver Boxing Fitness to gym members. Iron Grip Gym is a perfect launch partner because they value the member experience above all, and are committed to making it the best it can be.”

“We decided to affiliate with BOXFIIT because it is a program that incorporates all fitness levels safely,” said Nicole Parish, owner at Iron Grip Gym. “We pride ourselves on our great sense of community and we know BOXFIIT will allow us to continue our personal attention to our clients while incorporating something new and exciting!”

To become a BOXFIIT Affiliate, gyms and studios should go to and request an application. It’s an easy 5-step process that includes a meeting with George Foreman III and getting trainer certifications. Benefits of the program include access to the BOXFIIT Affiliate designation and complete class series, extensive fitness and educational material, the BOXFIIT Trainer App with custom workouts and live streaming, BOXFIIT branding for website and gym, marketing materials and photography and video content for social media.

About EverybodyFights®:

EverybodyFights was born out of the belief that anything worth having is worth fighting for, every single day. Our unique BOXFIIT™ classes are designed to find the inner fighter in all of us, building physical confidence and self-esteem. Our community is made up of trainers and fighters engaged in and out of the class, with gear that functions with their fitness and lifestyle. What we do is so much more than throwing punches. In addition to serving a community of fighters, we offer FightFuel™ nutrition counseling, BOXFIIT™ trainer certifications, EBF Studio™ partnership opportunities for big-­box gyms, and more. It’s not just our name, it’s our belief: EverybodyFights®. To learn more about EverybodyFights,

About Iron Grip Gym:

Iron Grip Gym opened in November 2013 and is run by owners Dustin and Nicole Parish. They are open 7 days a week with the exception of holidays offering approximately 30 classes per week. Instructors are Art of Strength and BOXFIIT certified leading small group classes with one on one personal attention. They have a Registered Dietician available as an additional service by request. Iron Grip Gym will be updating and adding the BOXFIIT bag series to their schedule soon! Current classes include circuit, strength and MMA. See ‪ for updates or follow them on‪

Affiliate Program

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