Fortune – George Foreman’s (SR) Best Business Advice (Fortune and Sports Illustrated)

Fortune – George Foreman’s (SR) Best Business Advice (Fortune and Sports Illustrated)
March 18, 2015 EBF

Fortune – George Foreman’s (SR) Best Business Advice (Fortune and Sports Illustrated)


Fortune: ‘George Foreman’s Best Business Advice.”

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George had the unique opportunity to chat how his dad has inspired his journey to create Everybody Fights.

Fortune – George Foreman III describes his dad’s business philosophy:

“Everything my brothers and I do is inspired by my father. If you put us all together, you might get one half of George Sr. He taught us: be nice. Be the nicest person anyone’s ever met in business. And that’s something we don’t have anymore because everything happens over technology—no one knows how to be nice anymore, we don’t even know how to be social. People want to feel good, and feel good about their purchases. So be nice to work with. And be who you are when no one’s looking. That’s something that I hope 10 years from now I can say I’ve accomplished. When you’re on TV, when you’re not on TV, when you’re with someone, or alone, be who you are.”

A great article about the power of having the right attitude and putting in the effort. To learn more about the 5 pieces of business advice click to read the Full Article.

1.) Never stop earning, never stop working.

2.) It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

3.) Approach things with a sense of humor.

4.) Choose your words carefully.

5.) Embrace technology.

Bonus: Be nice.

ALSO a nice Shout out for the Everybody Fights brand by Fortune.

“He trained his son, George “Monk” Foreman III, for Monk’s own boxing career, and then became an investor in Monk’s successful gym in Boston, Everybody Fights.”


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Sports Illustrated: ‘George Foreman is fueled by a desire to never stop working-and earning.”

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Some great words of wisdom from Big George.

“The best thing that can ever happen to a human being is a job,” he says. “You don’t have a job, you’re going to die!” – George Foreman Sr.

And a few shout outs to the Everybodyfights brand and legacy that George is working to create in the world of Boxing fitness.

“George III (Monk) became the only son to box. Big George trained him, and Monk went 16–0, last fighting in December 2012 before deciding to put his degree from Rice to use in the business world. He now owns a gym in Boston called Everybody Fights, in which his father has a small investment.” – Sports Illustrated

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