BostonInno: A Flurry of Questions with George Foreman III

BostonInno: A Flurry of Questions with George Foreman III
July 5, 2014 EBF

Flurry – Boston is a city thriving in fitness culture. From the thousands of cyclist commuters to grassroots fitness movements such as the November Project, it is clear that our Hub strives to be healthy in more ways than one. So when it comes to creating a world class gym in the heart of the city, it’s absolutely crucial to be a master at your craft. Enter: George Foreman III. While being an American professional boxer runs in his blood, his talents exceed outside of the ring. As the owner of the luxury boxing gym The Club, located in South Boston, Foreman has built an innovative facility that offers its members more than just a good workout. But if you’re on the fence about trying a new exercise routine or you’re interested in Foreman himself, you’re in luck. We stepped into the ring with Foreman — not literally — to learn a little more about this household name.

Flurry – Caroline Earle: Walk us through the craziest workout routine you’ve ever endured.

George Foreman III: Pulling a car uphill (slight incline) for a mile and pulling a person on an ATV up a steep hill. In the same week.

There are a few other boxing gyms in the Boston-area. What innovative elements does The Club have that sets it apart from others?

I find the following elements innovative relative to other boxing gyms and gyms in general: Friendly fun community-focused atmosphere, luxurious locker rooms, state of the art cardio equipment (better than any other gym in the city), organic juice bar, towel service, exercise physiologist on staff, 120 fitness classes per week and a fitness app for tracking physical activity and nutrition of members.

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