January 29, 2015 EBF

Trapped at home with the kids, or stuck at home waiting for the plows to come? It’s time to get moving before everyone goes stir-crazy. This workout is fast, free, and you only need one piece of equipment: your body.

FIITCLUB’s Alexa Pozniak visited George Foreman III (son of the two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman) at his new gym The Club in South Boston to try his series of six bodyweight exercises that will give your muscles a targeted workout in only 15 minutes.

Here’s the breakdown:

Round 1: 3 minutes

· Upper: High hands (1 minute)

· Lower: Reverse lunge (1 minute)

· Core: High plank (1 minute)

**1 minute rest**

Round 2: 3 minutes

· Upper: Push ups (1 minute)

· Lower: Squats (1 minute)

· Core: Squat, thrust (1 minute)

**1 minute rest**

Round 3: 3 minutes

· Upper: High hands (1 minute)

· Lower: Plyo lunges (1 minute)

· Core: Mountain climbers (1 minute)

**1 minute rest**

Round 4: 3 minutes

· Upper: Plyo push-up (1 minute)

· Lower: Plyo squats (1 minute)

· Core: Squat, thrust, w/plyo knee tuck (1 minute)

**1 minute rest**

Round 5: 3 minutes

· Upper: High plank (1 minute)

· Lower: Low plank (1 minute)

· Core: Plank turn unders (1 minute)

The Club by George Foreman III offers classes, clubs, private training, team training, as well as cardio and weight equipment. Classes include varieties of boxing, cycling, yoga, and pilates, while the clubs offered focus on boxing and running. Check out even more of Foreman’s workouts online.