Fighting Spirit by George Foreman III and Mary McAlary

Fighting Spirit by George Foreman III and Mary McAlary
March 6, 2015 EBF

Fighting Spirit – An inspirational fighter; George Foreman III co-authors book on local woman’s ‘winning spirit’ 

It would have been easy for Mary McAlary to throw in the towel and submit to the excruciating pain she was dealing with after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

But the Andover mother of three instead decided to fight back. And she’s glad she did.

“My very survival had been threatened and I had to choose between flight or flight,” writes McAlary in her new book, “The Winning Spirit, The Art of Winning Your Fight.” Read more click below

Fighting Spirit

Winning Your Fight: 10 Secrets for Maintaining Good Health

Sometimes you get dealt a hand of cards that you never realized you’d have to deal with. When Mary McAlary went to the doctor’s office and was told that by the doctor to prepare for life in a wheelchair, she felt shocked. She ate healthy foods, exercised, and never smoked, and yet, she got this news that her life would change forever–she had Multiple Sclerosis. In The Fighting Spirit: The Art of Winning Your Fight by Mary McAlary and George Foreman III, the first of what will become a series of books called Everyday Fighters, Foreman and McAlary piece together Mary’s fight against the doctor’s negative, dismal prognosis. Read More at link below

Winning Your Fight: 10 Secrets for Maintaining Good Health

Publishers Weekly: (02/16/2015)

Holistic nutritionist McAlary and former boxer George Foreman III team up for a slim primer on maintaining strength, mental and physical, in the face of adversity. Foreman met McAlary while preparing to launch his new fitness brand, Everyday Fighters, and was inspired by her success story. McAlary, who had been diagnosed with MS and told she would be confined to a wheelchair, stopped taking the medication that was only worsening her condition and, encouraged by her daughter, enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After graduating, she began coaching others with chronic illnesses on how to “listen to their bodies” and eat more healthily, promising that this, combined with exercise, can eliminate the need for medications with potentially damaging side effects. As evidence, McAlary cites her own journey with her illness, recently downgraded to “benign” and with no wheelchair in sight. Alongside this story, Foreman presents his “Fight Laws,” from maintaining a “glaring will to win,” to “always throwing the first punch,” to the time-honored “Your best defense is your offense.” McAlary also provides specific dietary “tips for sustainable wellness,” a true story about the power of positive thinking, and a few starter recipes for eating healthy. While well-intentioned and certainly inspirational, this very brief book reads not unlike a brochure. Agent: Jonathan Wiener. (Jan.) Copyright 2015 Publishers Weekly Used with permission.