Fight Swag: EverybodyFights x lululemon

Fight Swag: EverybodyFights x lululemon
March 9, 2017 EBF

EverybodyFights is always looking to up our swagger! We have recently focused heavily on our apparel and gear. During our creative brainstorms and looking at feedback from our community, we knew quickly that we wanted to provide our fighters with leggings and sports bras that had some EBF swagger.

It’s no secret that lululemon makes those two items particularly well. And this is no easy feat: they require premium performance, fit and material. Because of this and more, they were an easy choice for a partner!


Why lululemon?

Everybody likes to partner with the best of the best, and lululemon definitely fits that criteria. But we also like to partner with teams that match our swagger. Whether a company teaches fitness, designs apparel, or creates art, it’s still a community made up of real people. We identify those that have grit, great work ethic and a positive outlook and a sense of humor. lululemon is passionate about what they do. They work extremely hard to ensure their customers get the best gear and customer service available.

lululemon lululemon

What to create?

The community feedback made it clear that they wanted an option for a hi-rise pant and a crop legging. Nothing beats the classic black colorway in the lululemon Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) and the Pace Rival Crop.

As far as the sports bra goes, we chose the lululemon Energy Bra because of its versatility for fighting, running and yoga. We wanted to be simple with the design while also making a statement. One of the benefits of the lululemon gear is that it lasts workout after workout, which reminds us of one of our favorite sayings: “Always In The Fight”.

lululemon Energy Bralululemon Energy Bra

Like what you see?

Head over to EBF Seaport or EBF FiDi before we run out!

Time to Celebrate!

While there are a lot of logistics and details involved with working with other companies, we succeeded by aligning on one common goal: provide amazing gear for fighters. This led to a fun and collaborative partnership! So fun that we couldn’t resist hosting a lululemon x EBF workout and mingle event at our new FiDi location. A night of yoga, boxing, chit-chat and healthy snacks was the perfect celebration for the partnership!

Time to Celebrate! Time to Celebrate!Time to Celebrate!lululemon Event- EBF FiDi