Training Camp FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Training Camp FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
February 9, 2018 EverybodyFights



Here are some common Training Camp FAQs! If you can’t find an answer to your question below, shoot us a note at

CAMP FAQ – What is the EverybodyFights Training Camp app?

The Training Camp app connects you to an authentic fighter’s training camp so you can Train like a Fighter and Live like a Champion. This official EverybodyFights® mobile app will unlock a whole new experience to the King of Boxing Gyms.

What can I do with the Training Camp App?

Track your technique (FIGHT) and conditioning (BAGS, TRAIN, ROAD, FLOW) in rounds while you compete on the monthly leaderboard. As you advance, so will your camp. Once you’ve tracked enough rounds, you can advance levels by testing live in-gym with a certified EverybodyFights trainer to earn new belts. Along the way you can earn milestone badges and share your results online with custom filters.

How do I download the Training Camp app?

The Training Camp app is live on the Apple store. Click here. The app is not currently available on Android.


How does the Training Camp app work?

All of our classes (BAGS, TRAIN, ROAD, FLOW and FIGHT) are constructed in rounds (6-12), just like a real fight. You can now track your rounds using the Training Camp app. When you enter an EverybodyFights gym, simply open the app and hit the “+” button and select which class you’re taking. When your class is over, the rounds will be automatically applied to your profile. The rounds add up overtime so you can track your progress, compete on the monthly leaderboard, earn new belts, and more.

How do I advance levels?

When you complete the required rounds for your level, you will be prompted to schedule your TEST OUT. If passed, you will advance levels. The levels include: FIGHTER, AMATEUR, PRO, CHAMPION, HALL OF FAME and ALL BLACK.

How many rounds are required per level?

  • FIGHTER: You will start here when you download the app.
  • AMATEUR: 276 Conditioning Rounds, 360 FIGHT Rounds
  • PRO: 240 Conditioning Rounds, 504 FIGHT Rounds
  • CHAMPION: 240 Conditioning Rounds, 504 FIGHT Rounds
  • HALL OF FAME: 240 Conditioning Rounds, 780 FIGHT Rounds
  • ALL BLACK: 240 Conditioning Rounds, 2,496 FIGHT Rounds

What does the TEST OUT entail?

The test out varies from level to level and are designed to test your boxing technique and overall conditioning with a series of challenges. Click here to see the Amateur test details.

Do I have to be at an EverybodyFights gym to track rounds?

Yes. You can only track rounds live in-gym. The Training Camp app will track your location via GPS, so make sure that your location services are turned on!

Does the Training Camp app schedule and check me into classes?

No, you must still schedule and check-in to all your classes using the Member app or online schedule at

What if I forget to track rounds before taking a class? 

You can check into your class after it’s over if you forgot to do it beforehand. If you’ve already left the gym, simply email us at and we can fix it.

Can I track rounds at other EverybodyFights gyms?

Yes! You can use the Training Camp app at any EverybodyFights gym or BOX.

Can I track rounds at other gyms or for my own personal workouts?

No. The Training Camp app only tracks rounds for BAGS, TRAIN, ROAD, FLOW and FIGHT and only inside EverybodyFights locations.

Can I track other workouts on the EverybodyFights Training Camp App?

In addition to the BAGS, TRAIN, ROAD, FLOW and FIGHT classes you can also track STRENGTH CLUB and Personal Training Sessions. Just look for the option titled “OTHER” when you go to track your rounds.

If you have any other questions, be sure to email us at! 

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