Club Solutions: EverybodyFights® Boxing-Fitness concept goes National with Franchise Opportunity

Club Solutions: EverybodyFights® Boxing-Fitness concept goes National with Franchise Opportunity
February 11, 2017 EverybodyFights

EverybodyFights® Boxing-Fitness concept goes National with Franchise Opportunity

This Press Release was originally published on on February 10th, 2017.

Boxing-Fitness | George Foreman III’s Award-Winning EverybodyFights gym is seeking strategic Franchise Partnership opportunities across the U.S.

Boston, MA / February 10th, 2017: EverybodyFights (EBF), an award-winning boxing-fitness company based in Boston, MA, announced today their plans to open a number of domestic and international territories to franchising. EverybodyFights, which is founded by George Foreman III, son of the two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr., combines the grit of a traditional boxing gym and the luxury amenities and aesthetics of today’s hottest studio concepts.

“We’ve been recognized as the best gym in Boston, of any variety, for the last two consecutive years, and this is due in large part to our programming and rich diversity of both our members and trainers,” says George Foreman III. “We’re passionate about helping people everywhere realize their health and fitness goals, and very excited to share the EverybodyFights gym concept to the nation through franchising.”

EverybodyFights provides a robust boxing fitness programming encompassing roughly 130 classes per week with 14+ varieties. All of this programming is designed personally by George Foreman III, who went undefeated as a professional boxer himself and was named the best fitness guru in Boston for 2016.

EverybodyFights has two (2) franchise offerings. The first, EBF BOX™ is designed for existing best-in-class gyms to deliver the EverybodyFights boutique-style boxing fitness classes in as little as 1000 square feet. The second franchise offering, known as EBF Club™, is designed as a stand-alone facility and provides access to the full EverybodyFights experience and group class programming. These franchise offerings have been developed in large part by their newly appointed President of Development and Franchising, Hannibal Myers.

“What our model offers to franchisees first and foremost are robust revenue streams,” says Hannibal Myers. “This includes membership dues, class pack revenue, PT revenue, apparel and merchandise sales, and even potential third party leasing revenue, like juice bars and recovery rooms.”

Each franchise option also provides partners with access to a full array of support tools, including a trainer certification process and smartphone apps for engaging both trainers and members. The support from EBF also includes the ability to leverage EBF vendor relationships for preferential purchasing economies, and the ability to engage with the EBF marketing team to optimize social media, grass roots, and PR-related marketing strategies.

To learn more about EverybodyFights franchising opportunities, visit or contact the company directly at Boxing-Fitness


About EverybodyFights®:

EverybodyFights (EBF), a groundbreaking boxing fitness gym concept founded by George Foreman III, has been recognized as the best gym in Boston for two consecutive years. Its award-winning group class programming is based on all four modalities of true boxing training. Through this programming, EBF believes each class participant can learn to unleash the fighter within to better handle life’s challenges. EBF franchises a compelling in-gym concept and a robust six-revenue stream standalone concept.



Ben Eld, Director of Marketing

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