– Boxing yoga? – Boxing yoga?
November 13, 2013 EBF

Boxing yoga? It’s coming to Fort Point Channel, thanks to George Foreman III


The Boston Innovation District, or at least its edges, could soon be home to a luxury gym where George Foreman III plans to teach classes on the sweet science in new, innovative ways to a membership likely to include off-duty entrepreneurs, biotech types, and folks who’ve put on too much weight at the many new restaurants on the South Boston Waterfront. This will include boxing, yoga, and more.

In the eyes of George Foreman III (a son of the legendary prize fighter and pitchman George Foreman), boxing can be a core-fitness solution.

And George III, who has a 16-O boxing record himself, plans to teach courses at the new gym with titles such as Boxing Yoga, Fight Cycle, and Box-FIIT, which stands for “fight intensity interval training,’’ his company said. The company says the gym will also feature a “spa-like locker room’’ and “a chic luxury fitness experience.’’

The plan is for a December opening of the Club by George Foreman III at 15 Channel Center St. in the Fort Point neighborhood in December.

But a drive to sign up members is about to get underway Wednesday. Membership rates can go for $100 to $130 a month, and interested parties can sign up at the club’s website,

A club press release says, “George will be there every day to train with his members.’’

Folks who sign up early could become part of the “First 500,’’ and they will have the opportunity to “throw the first punch in George’s fight to synthesize the world’s best workout with a chic luxury fitness experience women and men of all ages can enjoy.’’

In a statement, George Foreman III said of boxing: “Anyone can do it, and everyone will enjoy it. Our core ethos is: Everybody Fights! So, my facility will be equipped with amenities and workouts that everyone can enjoy. Regardless of gender or age, I believe that the boxing workout is for everyone, and the first 500 individuals who embark on this journey with me to prove it will be rewarded with generous lifetime discounts on everything including their monthly membership dues.’’

Foreman, 30, has some ties to Massachusetts, attending Fay School in Southborough. While there, he became friends with fellow student Anthony Rich. A Boston resident, Rich is a business partner with Foreman in the Club by George Foreman III.