BBJ – George Foreman III pioneers luxury boxing gym EverybodyFights in Boston

BBJ – George Foreman III pioneers luxury boxing gym EverybodyFights in Boston
March 16, 2018 EverybodyFights

BBJ – George Foreman III pioneers luxury boxing gym EverybodyFights in Boston (Boston Business Journal)


This article was originally published on Boston Business Journal

George Foreman III grew up in a gym. His world-famous father, the two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman, opened a gym in 1983, the same year Foreman III was born.

BBJ – After graduating with a degree in business administration from Rice University, Foreman III went on to manage his dad’s business before training as a professional boxer himself. Then a friend, A.J. Rich, invited Foreman III to Boston to scope out potential locations for a boxing gym.

“It just didn’t feel like saturation,” Foreman III said. “It’s a region of early adopters. When they like something, they’re loyal. That’s Boston.”


While training, Foreman III would do road work along the stretch of Channel Center in South Boston, where he’d eventually open a 14,500-square-foot brick-and-beam space that was first called The Club by George Foreman III, before he changed the name to Everybody Fights.

It was a tough slog to find space that fit for the gym, Foreman III said. The concept of a luxury boxing gym was new to the area, and some landlords were turned off by a concept with “fights” in the name. But Foreman III believed in it, and the 15 Channel Center location opened in 2013, financed by $1.3 million from friends and family.

BBJ – The 6,800- square-foot space at One Federal St. just celebrated its one-year anniversary. A New York gym opened last year, and Foreman is partnering with a franchiser in Kentucky to expand there.

Together, both Boston gyms have 2,400 members, and the Seaport location has another 800 people who pay per class.

Everybody Fights offers five classes that enable patrons to learn proper boxing technique and sparring methods. There’s also yoga, cardio and circuit-style strength and conditioning. The diversity of the class mixture keeps clients coming back, said Foreman III.

It’s also caught the eye of investors. Through Breakaway Ventures, Everybody Fights last year landed a
$3 million Series A round and is now raising a $10 million Series B round. Foreman III plans to expand to 16 new locations by 2021.

On the wall of Everybody Fights’ newest location in downtown Boston, a chalkboard is covered with answers to the query: “Why Fight?” Messages — some irreverent, some meaningful — include “I fight for my dad”, “To #KOCancer” and even, “For the booty!!”

“I fight for you,” continues another message. “I fight for me. We have one shot at life, fight for it!!”

Catherine Carlock

Real Estate Editor Boston Business Journal

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