AskMen: Things All Guys Should Stop Doing by Age 30

AskMen: Things All Guys Should Stop Doing by Age 30
June 11, 2018 EverybodyFights

AskMen: Things All Guys Should Stop Doing by Age 30


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1. Not Fighting For What You Believe In

Remember how when you were little you used to think the grown-ups had everything figured out? By now you’ve probably realized that there’s no such thing as a “grown-up” and we’re all just trying to do our best while making sense of this world. Well, the same applies to our goals, dreams, and personal standards. Many of us go through our teens and twenties with a feeling that change is going to come eventually, and when it does we’ll start living the lives we envisioned for ourselves. Spoiler alert: That day never comes. You have to create it. And the sooner you start creating that life, the sooner you’ll get to live it. “Not fighting for what you believe in is the same as quitting,” says George Foreman III, founder of EverybodyFights. “Whether it’s in the gym, at work, or in a relationship, you have to fight for what you want. You may not always win, and that’s okay; but it’s not yours until you fight for it.”

8. Dogging it at the Gym

Listen, if you’re over 30 and you’re managing to make your way to the gym, you’re already doing better than most guys your age. It’s unfortunate, but true. But enough about them — you’re doing great! That said, let’s be honest: proximity to the treadmill doesn’t increase your fitness. You have to get after it. You already found time to get to the gym, and your body needs these workouts now more than ever, so don’t waste your time. “Your time is valuable, so make the most of your workout,” says Foreman. “Don’t go in and cruise on the elliptical machine.” And if you simply feel like you just don’t have it in you to motivate yourself to exercise with the kind of intensity you’d like to, consider taking up a physical activity or sport that you actually enjoy, like boxing, and then use that as a vehicle to upgrade your fitness. “A high-intensity workout like mitt work or a boxing circuit will get you in fighting shape,” says Foreman. “And you’ll also learn a new skill while you’re at it!

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