AmericanInno: The Innovation of Fitness According to These Athletes and Entrepreneurs

AmericanInno: The Innovation of Fitness According to These Athletes and Entrepreneurs
July 5, 2014 EBF



We all know fitness is an important factor in our lives. We strive to eat nutritious (most of the time) and move our bodies on a daily basis, but how does technology influence this healthy industry? From weight loss apps to activity trackers innovation within the fitness communite has come a long way in a short amount of time.

AMERICANINNO – Our panel of fitness experts at the State of Innovation today consisted of the following: Julian Edelman, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Jordan Fliegel, CEO of CoachUp, George Foreman III, Founder of The Club by George Foreman III. The session was moderated by Eric Berkson MD, Director of Mass General Sports Performance Center.

And according to the pros, fitness should be about not losing sight of the tactile trainers, connecting with a community and allowing data tracking to be supplemental to your health and fitness routine.

AMERICANINNO – Foreman was very adamant about building healthy communities in order to achieve your wellness goals. “Being a part of a community is just as effective as eating right and working out. Make an impact by building a community, building a culture,” Foreman stated. ““How can we build communities based on things other than dancing and drinking?”

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