FOX (Ali Boxing) – Boston’s George Foreman III says Ali was ‘a hero to everybody’

FOX (Ali Boxing) – Boston’s George Foreman III says Ali was ‘a hero to everybody’
June 8, 2016 EverybodyFights

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(Ali Boxing) Boston’s George Foreman III says Ali was ‘a hero to everybody’

by: Robert Goulston

This article was originally published on FOX25 on June 4th, 2016.

Muhammad Ali brought grace and power in the ring, but his humanitarian work helped reshape the world outside it.

One of Ali’s biggest fights in the ring was against George Foreman and FOX25’s Robert Goulston spoke with Foreman’s son at his Boston gym about the late, great Muhammad Ali.

Ali took down Foreman in one of the greatest upsets in sports history, called The Rumble in the Jungle.

“To me it was the start of their greatness,” George Foreman III said. “Ali as an international icon and my father,  20 years later, regained his championship.”

George Foreman III, who now runs the EverybodyFights Boxing Gym in South Boston, says Ali’s death is a loss to the world.

“I don’t care who you are, Muhammad Ali has been a hero to everybody,” he said.

Foreman III, who has that memorable 1974 fight between his dad an Ali on his gym’s wall — says this is what inspiration looks like.

“The fight between my father and Ali was a great fight because here you have Muhammad Ali considered over the hill, no chance he can win. And my father who was considered unbeatable at the time,” said Foreman III. “They fought and Ali said I’m not going to try to not get hit by him. I’m going to take everything he’s got and I’m going to survive it and that’s how I’m going to win. And he did it.”

George Foreman Senior spoke with CNN by phone about his love for Ali in the years following the world renowned fight.

“You can’t help it,” Foreman Senior told CNN. “He was one loveable, good looking, great guy and you wanted to be around him. I was excited to meet him and happy to be his friend.”

“Here’s two guys before they fought, enemies for a couple of years and then you look up and in the 80’s, they’re in the restroom fixing each other ties, suits and saying, ‘can I help you?’ [They] Loved each other,” Foreman III said.

It was a relationship Foreman III says continues to grow stronger.

“He inspired me and — I think the whole world — to not be afraid of being a hero and not to be afraid to stand for something,” Foreman III said.