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Fight to Prevent Abuse Charity Class for Triangle Inc.

April 20, 2024 | Bridget Conlin

Our community recently united for the “Fight to Prevent Abuse” charity BAGS class, showcasing exceptional support and solidarity. All funds raised were directed towards Triangle Inc.’s Abuse Prevention and Support Program, a program that empowers individuals with disabilities by providing them with the skills to recognize abuse and live confidently within their communities.


At EverybodyFights, we live by a fundamental principle that goes beyond the four walls of our gym – the commitment to always Fight It Forward. This core value extends not only to our dedicated members but also to those in our community who need our support. We firmly believe that each person is fighting for the things they love and feel passionate about, and as a united community, we can and should do more to lend a helping hand. Our goal is to extend a positive influence on as many lives as we can touch and continue to be an active contributor to the greater good of our community. By opening our doors and inviting our members to participate in fundraisers like the “Fight to Prevent Abuse” charity BAGS class, we reinforce our identity not just as a gym, but as a community deeply committed to supporting our members, friends, and the broader world.

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