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It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

September 20, 2018 | Greg Ux

EverybodyFights x It Takes a Village Foundation

Greg Ux hosted an event at some of the top gyms in Boston, including EverybodyFights and Barry’s Bootcamp, in support of the It Takes a Village Foundation.

“We can’t thank you all enough for the continued support of It Takes A Village Foundation. Our 2nd Annual ITAV Fall Fundraiser raised OVER $10,000 (and counting!), secured new sponsorships for 13 kids to go to Primary School, and so much more.

We still have kids looking for sponsors, and for just the cost of your Netflix subscription ($7/month), you can make that happen.

Again, thank you all so much for helping us create opportunity through community.”

It Takes A Village Foundation provides no interest financing to assist in the creation of small businesses in communities in the developing world where average daily income is less than $1. In the last year we also began a primary school sponsorship program in which donors are able to match with individual children in Uganda and support them by paying for their school fees.

The easiest way to think about us is to compare us to the Small Business Association here; that is to assist with the creation of sustainable businesses by providing access to quality financing and resources to help make the projects successful. We then go a step beyond and try to engage with the community and provide continuous support (and visit at least once a year!)

To learn more about the It Takes a Village Foundation, or to support them, click here.

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