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FORTUNE – Advice from George Foreman Sr.

FORTUNE – Advice from George Foreman Sr.

June 10, 2019 | ANDREW MANNS
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Fortune – George Foreman’s Sr. Best Business Advice 

George had the unique opportunity to chat how his dad has inspired his journey to create EverybodyFights.

Fortune – George Foreman III describes his dad’s business philosophy:

“Everything my brothers and I do is inspired by my father. If you put us all together, you might get one half of George Sr. He taught us: be nice. Be the nicest person anyone’s ever met in business. And that’s something we don’t have anymore because everything happens over technology—no one knows how to be nice anymore, we don’t even know how to be social. People want to feel good, and feel good about their purchases. So be nice to work with. And be who you are when no one’s looking. That’s something that I hope 10 years from now I can say I’ve accomplished. When you’re on TV, when you’re not on TV, when you’re with someone, or alone, be who you are.”

A great article about the power of having the right attitude and putting in the effort.

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