“it’s not yours until you fight for it” – GF3

Love Life. Appreciate Small Favors. Always Pay it Forward

My Story


As a child, Foreman watched his father train and sat ringside when his father was doing color commentary. He always loved boxing, but never got involved with the sport until his early teens

George Foreman Son
George Foreman III Training
“torture chamber”


George Foreman III takes up boxing to lose weight using similar training methods to his father. One method called ” the torture chamber,” in which he dragged a Jeep as far as he could, dug holes, chopped wood and ran to the point of exhaustion

“anything worth having is worth fighting for.”


Orginally starting boxing to lose weight, George went on to pursue his own professional boxing career in 2009 and finished with a perfect 16-0 record.

George Foreman III Boxing
EBF Opens
“choose to fight”


George dropped everything – A professional boxing and family business career and moved to Boston. Opening the first EverybodyFights location in December 2014. George chose to fight for his passion; to build the best boxing fitness community in the country.

helping everyone unleash his or her inner fighter

2015 –

EverybodyFights has opened 5 new locations since 2014. New York, Boston, Kentucky, Chicago, and Philadelphia in 2019.

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