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4 Classes. 1 Gym. A Complete Fighters Workout.

Series Intro

Train x  

TRAIN Class Series combines all of the pieces of FIGHT Training. TRAIN tests your strength, power, endurance and core all at once in a CIRCUIT environment. A carefully crafted combination of cardio, strength, and boxing training: 12 Stations make up the circuit to push you to your limit: Suspension, Rowing, Biking, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Boxing, Battle Ropes, Jump Rope, and Turf Exercises. The workout changes weekly providing you with new goals.

Bag x 

BAG Class Series is a boot camp style experience that works the body while cleansing the mind and soul of stress and tension. All classes are rooted in authentic boxing combinations and techniques, and include non-stop cardio fitness, high energy music, core and full body exercises. BAGS classes are about music, fun and challenging yourself, all while executing with style!

Road x  

ROAD Class Series was built to meet the roadwork requirements of the traditional fighter’s workout regime. In any real fight, the last fighter standing will be the one with the greatest endurance. ROAD classes are circuit training by foot, bike, and/or rower to help you improve your cardiovascular endurance regardless of your fitness level.

Body x 

BODY Class Series is designed to restore and strengthen the connection between the body and mind through core-focused yoga and Pilates-inspired workouts. The compliment to every Fighter’s Training Camp is their core strength and empowered state of mind.

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