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Class Booking App

Download the Everybodyfights Class App today to plan, schedule and book your classes at all locations. The App lets you view class schedules, sign-up for classes, book private training, setup mitt work sessions and view ongoing promotions as well as club updates.

Available now in the Apple App and Android store.

Apple Android


The TRAINER APP allows certified trainers to stream workouts and music in a classroom environment! Trainer App Features:

  • Access the EBF Custom Interval Training Timer
  • Build, Share and Profile your Custom Workouts
  • Build and Share Custom Music Playlists via Spotify
  • Play George’s WOW (Workout of the Week) in your classes or Personal Training Sessions
  • Play George’s Custom Music Playlists in your classes or Personal Training Sessions
  • Stream Workouts Live to Television via AIRPLAY or Direct Lightning Connection
  • Build your EBF Trainer Brand “THE FIGHT by YOU”


Fighter App

The FIGHTER APP allows Fighters to Play custom workouts, Create Workouts w/Music, Track workouts completed, Start a training camp and truly Train like A Fighter. Fighter App Features:

  • Play workouts and music created by George Foreman III
  • Learn the fundamentals of boxing and strength training with Fight School videos
  • Build a Fight Camp based on workout goals (“Rounds”)
  • Track your Rounds and Fight Camp progress in your Fight Stats
  • Build your Fight Career – Earn a Win or a Loss for each Fight Camp