WHYIFIGHT: Tricia Young-Shaw

WHYIFIGHT: Tricia Young-Shaw
May 12, 2017 EverybodyFights


WHYIFIGHT – What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you do?

My name is Tricia Young-Shaw. I am from Boston, and I am Founder and Principal of TLE Consulting Group and the President of the TLE Center for Urban Entrepreneurship.

What makes you a fighter?

I am very tough and resilient. I have suffered many losses but have always managed to get back up and achieve better! Moreover, I have a can-do attitude at all times and lots of heart!

What do you fight for?

I typically fight for things I care deeply about and where I know my fighting will make a difference or have a significant impact. I am currently fighting for more of our local young men to become entrepreneurs and make their mark in this world. I would like to see more of Boston’s young men have businesses that are perceptibly thriving and contributing to the growth of our local economies.

What inspires you to take the hits and keep on fighting?

My daughters first and foremost. They are the air I breathe. After that, it ‘s all about my work and making a difference for those who are less fortunate or need my expertise and support to attain their goals. Oh! I can’t forget my dogs: Meatball and Silver. They are family!

If you could fight side-by-side with one person, past or present, who would it be?

Honestly, it would be my dad. He is very strong and wise. He has taught me many things but mostly how to be brave and masculine, and I thank him for it. I must acknowledge my mom here as well who has been such an incredible example for me as a woman:-) She is the epitome of a fighter!

What is your Fight Fuel (aka nutrition)?

Grilled salmon, baked sweet potatoes, and Brussel sprouts.

What is your Fight Song?

Wow, this is hard because I love music but I am going to have to go with ‘Eye of the Tiger”.

What is your favorite EverybodyFights class?

TRAINx360, without a doubt!

Who is your favorite EverybodyFights trainer?

George, because he is extremely good at what he does and is a great teacher. His energy is outstanding!

How do you Fight It Forward (give back to the community)?

I fight it forward by waking up every day giving thanks to God for all that he has given me and striving to be the best version of me that I can be. Everything else usually flows from there.

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