KTLA Our Mission – Bringing out the Fighter within YOU

KTLA Our Mission – Bringing out the Fighter within YOU
July 22, 2015 EBF


KTLA Our Mission – Bringing out the Fighter within YOU


In May, George and Kerri Tabasky flew to Los Angeles to film a two-part HealthSmart segment to run on KTLA.   This segment ran last week and over the weekend, with KTLA’s Lu Parker reporting on George’s EverybodyFights initiative.

Part one asks, “What are you fighting for?” as it features our own Kerri Tabasky and her fight for her daughter Anna, who happens to have Down syndrome.

Part two features George, as he speaks to at-risk high school students at the PUC School in Los Angeles.   He talks with them about using social media to “Fight it Forward” and to fight for a better life, no matter what.

What are YOU fighting for?   Please share your story with us, and help inspire our Everybody Fights community.   Your story may also be featured in George’s next book!

Part One:


Part Two:

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About EverybodyFights:

EverybodyFights® features four class experiences based on a real fighter’s training camp: BAGS (boxing), TRAIN (circuit), ROAD (endurance) and FIGHT (technique). Founded by George Foreman III and inspired by the soul of boxing, EverybodyFights has the grit of a traditional boxing gym delivered in the style of a luxury fitness studio. Whether you want to fight, or get into fighting shape, you can get it done at the King of Boxing Gyms.