Improper – Anything but Routine with the Improper Bostonian

Improper – Anything but Routine with the Improper Bostonian
January 13, 2015 EBF

Improper – Anything but Routine

An hour-by-hour look at the lives of some of Boston’s hardest-working fitness gurus.

5 am: Wake up…and hit the snooze button.The gloves didn’t fall far from the ring for George Foreman III. The son of the famous pro boxer and grillmaster has a sculpted physique and a booming year-old South Boston gym, The Club. Foreman walked us through a day in his regimented life (though he does allow himself some kickback time with the Crawley family).

5:15 am: Take a shower and walk to The Club.

6 am: Teach a BoxFIIT 360 class.

7 am: Eat breakfast at Nourish Your Soul. I usually have a GoMacro Morning Harvest bar (packed with apples and walnuts) and Get Set green and apple cinnamon juices. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and with these items it’s like eating six apples. And Get Set is a great boost of greens and a few ingredients to get the blood flowing before a workout.

8 am: Teach a BoxFIIT 360 class.

11:30 am: Teach a BoxFIIT Strength Extreme class.

Noon: Grab a quick salad with chicken from Sweetgreen and hold office hours. I answer emails and write new workouts for my BoxFIIT classes and bag work. The general technique and profile of a workout is determined by whether it is a boxer, brawler or puncher’s workout. By starting with the main goal of the boxing skills I’m teaching, I can then add strength and conditioning exercises that help develop the muscles and coordination needed to perform the skill.

1 pm: Film home-fitness videos for for my members. On this particular day, we filmed four at the gym thanks to Rob Maloof of Gauntlet Studios in Fort Point. I love filming because it makes it possible to help thousands of people to get in shape.

4:30 pm: Take a shower and get dressed to teach even more classes.

5:10 pm: Teach a BoxFIIT Orientation class and two BoxFIIT 360 classes.

7:30 pm: Work out for 20 minutes with kettlebells and vintage dumbbells.

8 pm: Walk home. On my way, I grab two Sweetgreen salads for dinner because I LOVE fresh veggies—I’m like a cow. And the people who work there are so nice. I usually alternate between the portobello, squash and wild rice salad, the Avocobbo and the Harvest Bowl.

8:30 pm: Take a shower.

9 pm: Eat dinner and watch Downton Abbey. It helps me unwind because there are so many subplots and details to follow that I have no choice but to shut off my work brain in order to follow it. My favorite character is the grandmother—the Dowager Countess. She reminds me of my ex: full of class, comic relief, quick wit and the glue that keeps the family together.

11 pm: Go to bed. Exercise is the ONLY way I can fall asleep right away. Otherwise, I just stay up thinking about squats.